The nature of the Albina Rail Yard Relocation Project provides benefits that extend to environmental, social, and economic realms. At its core service to the Willamette River and the City, the Albina Rail Yard Relocation Project will:

  • Improve Environmental Quality, mobility, safety, and development of the community.

  • Provide extensive public access to the Willamette River & revitalize the banks.

  • Enable access along the Willamette River that extends the Willamette River as a greenway along its course and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Develop a diverse redevelopment strategy to fulfill the needs of the diverse, vibrant community including housing, jobs, culture, safety and identity.

  • Connect adjacent neighborhoods to the redeveloped site and integrate with the rest of the Central Eastside Industrial Corridor.

  • Enable a “River Destination” to host a vital place for City residents, visitors, and neighborhoods communities to live, work, and play while demonstrating its commitment to ecology and the environment.