PBOT- According to the 2015 Commodity Flow Forecast, the volume of freight tonnage in the Portland area is expected to double in tonnage and triple in value by year 2040. Read more here.

Union Pacific is closing down another intermodal facility in hopes to improve service in Chicago. Read more about the closure of Global 3 intermodal in Rochelle, Illinois, along with the Canal Street Container Depot here.

UPRR proposes to relocate the company’s switchyard in LaSalle, Colorado, saying it would reduce traffic. Read more here.

Opposed early on, Reno ReTRAC trench is fulfilling its promise. Read more here.

Expect to see UPRR running longer trains this year- and building the extended rail sidings necessary to handle them. Read more about UPRR’s new Precision Scheduled Railroading implementation plan here.

Maps of unfiltered diesel trucks in the Portland complex. Click here.

Reed and Partners win EPA Grant to Profile Diesel Exhaust. Read more.

Air Pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals. Read here.